Women in Pest Control

The pest control industry has progressively opened up unique windows of opportunity to women wanting to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated trade. Knowing the importance of families and health, the pest management industry has proven to be an intriguing profession to career oriented women wanting to protect what matters most.

Working in pest control is fun for me as I enjoy learning about insects and other animals, but women in pest control jobs are not very common. I do have female coworkers, there are just very few of us. Gender roles in the work field are changing and with that so are the gender roles at home.

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In much of the labor force women are the minority. In the pest control industry, finding a female technician or sales representative is no easy task. According to the United States Department of Labor, in 2011 only 3.7 percent of the employees working in pest control were women, easily categorizing this as a non-traditional occupation for women.

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To celebrate women in history month in March 2019, The Pest Posse is honoring the women in the pest control industry by featuring 8 great women in the industry. On today’s episode, we interview.

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