Which Pests Survived the Polar Vortex?

The polar vortex, a swirling mass of arctic air, dipped deep into the central U.S. at end of January, bringing record cold to the area. It was a short-lived excursion, however, retreating back into Canada by early February.

Despite their ability to survive short periods of cold weather, sustained frigid conditions, like those brought about from the most recent polar vortex, could be effective at killing off even some well-prepared pests.

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Polar Vortex May Have Reduced Stink Bug Populations in Northeast, Midwest. Virginia Tech research suggests the polar vortex may have eliminated a large portion of the pests in these regions.

Which Pests Survived the Polar Vortex? – PestWorld While the Polar Vortex may have killed off many stink bugs, other pests like bed bugs, termites and cockroaches will likely remain unaffected by the cold weather.

Can bed bugs live in the Polar Vortex? As bed bug populations rise within the United States, people are looking for any bit of relief or condition that would allow them to be free of these pests. Unfortunately, these hardy insects can survive even within the most extreme weather conditions, like the polar vertex that has swept over the country.

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“While most insects will be equipped to survive a short period of very cold weather, like the recent polar vortex, it's likely some will die from this.

The Polar Vortex Vs. Insect Populations. back to news Which Pests Are Surviving This Winter.And How? March 5, 2019 | Share . We’ve had a tough, cold winter this year.. List of pests that survived the winter (the bad news) These guys are tricky. They have ways of surviving harsh winters.

(WNDU) – The extreme temperatures we faced during the polar vortex likely killed off a good portion of invasive. Ammons says insects that overwinter in the egg or larval states can survive brutal.

The experiment estimates that the Polar Vortex may have killed 95 percent of. eggs that will hatch in warmer temperatures. The National Pest Management Association says bed bugs can survive.

The polar vortex is nothing new to meteorologists, but it started making headlines when it chilled Minnesotans in 2014. And, despite the misnomer “global warming,” the polar vortex’s southern pattern is linked to climate change .

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