What Species Of Termite Is In Your Home?

Is your home or business protected? We offer a range of treatment options to ensure elimination of termites from your property. Let’s us know if we may be of service to you! 4. 1. The Formosan Subterranean Termite. This is an invasive species that is spreading through our region. We discovered this colony near downtown Tallahassee.

In many cases, by the time you notice signs of a termite infestation, your home has already been damaged and will need to be repaired. Termites damage and destroy the strength of the wood and weaken it.. In order to kill the termites, the right treatment has to be applied based on the species.

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After your termite inspection, your pest control expert should explain any signs of activity and potential entry points. He or she also should provide prevention and control tips specific to your home’s construction type, termite species active in the area, and structural and moisture conditions conducive to infestations. What Termites Need

1.05.2018  · If you have ever asked yourself: How long do termites swarm, we have some answers for you. Learn more about a termite swarm in your home, why you might see a termite swarm outside of your house, details on when termites swarm and tips on how to get rid of swarming termites.

Termites will eat the wood structure of your home and anything that contains cellulose, and these critters can eat nonstop throughout the day. termite species subterranean termites make up the majority of the american termite population and live in underground colonies that can reach a legion of 2 million insects.

Essentially, termites have evolved to do only one thing, and that one thing can completely ruin the value of your home in a matter of months. termites eat wood, and they can eat a lot of it in a short time. The average colony can eat about one foot of a 24 in six months, but certain species of termite can tear through homes at a much faster pace.

Top 10 Termite Species Watch out for mud tubes. "Both inside and outside, look for mud tubes that some termite species build as they make their way up from the soil and into your home." Hartzer said. When to call in the.

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