What Do Ants Eat?

Ants feed on a large range of foods, from engine oil at the side of a road, to other ant species. Most ant species are omnivorous and eat seeds, nectar, and other invertebrates. Army ants are carnivorous, they hunt, kill and eat prey such as worms, spiders and even sometimes small vertebrates like lizards.

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I find ants to be kind of useful. They don’t really do any damage, except carpenter ants, and they keep other pests under control. Ants and termites are mortal enemies.

What do ants eat? Ants fall into the category of omnivores which means they are both plant and animal eaters.Although ants have a very diverse diet, a majority of them prefer two types of food: foods rich in sugar and foods rich in proteins.

And yes, there are cannibalistic ants: some will attack and eat other-smaller-ant species. Nuts and seeds are among other protein sources for ants, and ants are credited with dispersing the seeds of a number of tropical plants. Cheese, breadcrumbs, pet food-if they come across it, ants will eat it.

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Ants have very diverse diets. In fact, you can tell some species apart just by looking at their eating habits. Learn more about ants and what they eat.

As stated before, carpenter ants do not eat wood. They remove wood as they create galleries and tunnels for nesting. Now that you know carpenter ants are not actually consuming wood, it would be helpful to know the answers to a few more questions:

Ants Are Space Exploring, Junk-Food Eating Anarchists Carpenter ants do not eat the wood they remove during their nest-building activities, but deposit it outside entrances to the colony in small piles. The diet of carpenter ants includes living and dead insects, meat, fats and sugary foods of all kinds, including honeydew and nectar from plants.

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Ant Feeding Habits. Ants are omnivorous insects with broad and varied tastes. Honeydew, a sweet liquid produced by white flies, mealybugs, and aphids, makes up a large portion of the ant diet. However, as opportunistic feeders, ants eat whatever is readily available year-round.