What are Earwigs? [Video]

A cluster fly leaves a greasy spot and smells like buckwheat honey when squished. Cluster Flies In The Home & The Yard The flies will cluster together in a large group in a dark, protected area like an attic, basement, or spare room.

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Earwigs live in family groups, which often find shelter under moist flowerpots, and come out at night to eat the plants in the pots. Damage: Plants that are being fed upon by earwigs become ragged overnight, with some leaves only partially rasped through, accompanied by a light scattering of black particles of earwig excrement.

Description of earwigs . Earwigs are a fairly well-known insect, from folk lore if not from actual experience. The earwig is the insect reputed in superstition to purposefully crawl into the ears of sleeping persons for the purpose of burrowing into the brain to lay eggs.

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