What Are Bat Bugs?

bat bugs (cimex adjunctus barber) are mainly bloodsuckers of bats, but they will thrive on human blood if their primary host blood is not available. Bat bugs are easily confused for bed bugs and may eventually feed in a similar fashion. If you have recently had a problem with bats, then you should be aware of the potential for a problem with.

A Bedbug's Bite - Up Close! - Bang Goes the Theory - BBC Bat bugs are blood-sucking insects, sometimes found living amongst a bat colony. They use bats as hosts, and feed on the blood of bats. Bat bugs look very similar to bed bugs, and like bed bugs, they will bite people and feed on human blood.

Bat bug control. controlling bat bugs involves targeting the roosting bats as they are the original source of the bat bug. Exclusion or removal of the bats will ultimately lead to the death of the bat bugs as they will have lost their hosts. Because of this, the bat bugs will be in desperate search for food (humans will temporarily suffice).

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3. BATS ARE ANNOYING PESTS. iStock Quite the opposite! According to National Geographic, bats can eat up to a thousand insects in an evening. Their bug-eating prowess is so notable it carries economic.

Bat Bug Control. Bat bugs are bloodsucking, biting insects that are parasites of bats. Although they prefer bats, they may bite humans, birds, or rodents if they can’t find bats. Bat bugs feed on all bats, but they’re most frequently associated with the big and little brown bat colonies.

Bat bugs have small, stubby, non-functional wing pads. The bat bug’s piercing-sucking mouthparts appear beak-like. Bat bugs and bed bugs look identical to the naked eye. However under magnification, the fringe hairs on the bat bug’s pronotum (upper covering of the thorax) are longer than the fringe hairs on bed bugs.

Bat bugs are blood-sucking insect parasites that feed primarily on the blood of bats.The name has been applied to members of the family Cimicidae (e.g. Cimex lectularius, Afrocimex constrictus) and also to members of the family Polyctenidae. Bat bugs are closely related to bed bugs, and are so similar in appearance that they are often mistaken for bed bugs.