Warmer Weather Means Time For Mosquito and Tick Control

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Here at Backyard Defenders, we are proud to be your family owned and operated tick and mosquito control in the Chelmsford area for over five years. We offer tick and mosquito treatment programs that will help control the presence of these harmful pests in your yard.

Warmer temperatures approaching next week may result in increased mosquito and tick activity in Santa Clara County. Officials from the Vector Control District encourage the public to be diligent in inspecting and maintaining their properties, themselves and their pets to reduce the risk of mosquito and tick infestations.

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Why Mosquitoes Bite It’s true. Mosquitoes like some people more than others. The annoying insect also loves to breed in California. The state is home to the most mosquito-transmitted diseases in the country, according to.

Massachusetts is one of the states with the most reported cases of tick-borne diseases – some 50,234 – from 2004 through 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control. mosquito, tick, or flea..

What Happens to Carpenter Ants in the Winter? Why Retail Stores Can Benefit from IPM Where Do Pests Go During The Winter? and retail stores can be major, through product. of developing an integrated pest management (ipm) program for retail stores to benefit both the store managers and pest management pro-fessionals (PMPs). Beetle and mothIn Quebec, carpenter ants are the only ants that harbour winged adults over the winter. In other species, the adults leave the colony in the summer.

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We may all agree that this seems to have been a long winter with few temperature and sunlight mercies, so it’s time to start.

With daytime getting longer and temperatures getting warmer, pets will be spending more time outdoors. You can help your pets. that prevents injury while increasing stamina. Warm weather means pets.

The warmer weather of spring and summer means the start of tick and mosquito season and the diseases they transmit, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and the West Nile and Zika.