Uses of Arthropod Venom in Medicine

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Role of arthropod venom hyaluronidases in envenoming. Hyaluronidases are not toxic by themselves, but they potentiate the effect of other toxins present in venoms, contributing to the local and systemic effects of envenoming [16, 55].Furthermore, they are described as allergens from arthropod venoms, being able to induce severe and fatal anaphylactic IgE-mediated reactions in humans [13, 56].

Arthropods of Medical Significance. This page is still under construction and/or in the process of renovation. introduction: arthropods (joint legged invertebrates) present in the environment may influence human health directly in a number of ways.

Arthropod venom Hyaluronidases: biochemical properties and potential applications in medicine and biotechnology. Hyaluronidases are enzymes that mainly degrade hyaluronan, the major glycosaminoglycan of the interstitial matrix. They are involved in several pathological and physiological activities including fertilization.

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Bee venom can be used to heal parkinson, alzheimer, back pain, cancer (strengthening the immune system by BV), HIV, and skin and eye diseases. It has also been claimed to be the new Botox. However scientists use their venom to help heal sicknesses, the venom of arthropods has potential medical value.

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Jones D. (1996) Structure and Experimental Uses of Arthropod Venom Proteins. In: Singh B.R., Tu A.T. (eds) natural toxins 2. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, vol 391.

10 Crazy Uses For animal venom.. insects, fish, mammals or arthropods, is extremely potent, but it’s not always deadly.. from medicine to explosives and beyond.

22/10/2015  · Role of arthropod venom hyaluronidases in envenoming. Hyaluronidases are not toxic by themselves, but they potentiate the effect of other toxins present in venoms, contributing to the local and systemic effects of envenoming [16, 55].

Venom in medicine is the medicinal use of venoms for therapeutic benefit in treating diseases.. Venom is any poisonous compound secreted by an animal intended to harm or disable another. When an organism produces a venom, its final form may contain hundreds of different bioactive elements that interact with each other inevitably producing its toxic effects.

Arthropod envenomations are common occurrences that can cause pain. ( sometimes life-threatening) reactions; arthropod venom can affect.