Top 5 Wildlife pests in Florida

Begin with a 1.5-hour boat ride on the crystal river. swim and snorkel in an area known for manatee sightings, and then enjoy an exciting airboat tour on the Homosassa River. Visit Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, one of the best places in the state to watch manatees, as well as other animals, such as bears, panthers, and alligators.

People in low-lying South Florida were concerned about sea level rise. Loss of natural land for wildlife topped the polls in Orlando and north Florida, where development continues to gobble up natural lands. That’s some of the results of the latest Sunshine State Survey, conducted annually by Nielsen and the University of South Florida.

Top 30 Most Common Bugs In Florida. March 4, 2015 Bugs bugs.. I hav pest control once a month to spray our yard and outside of home but the past few days I’ve seen several 3 sectioned ant like bugs in my master bedroom and the outer 2 sections are dark but the middle section is an orange.

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Prevent Rodents And Other Pests From Damaging Your Home Electrical Wires

Florida has more than 12,500 species of insects living there and all of them eat and breed. A lot of them bite and sting. Many of these insects arrived in Florida by accident so to speak and these are considered ‘invasive species’. Many of these pests affect the residents of Florida in what they believe are negative ways.

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Environment One of Floridians’ top 5 concerns. Both of those pests are invasive species that have really the awareness of people in the area.". North Florida: loss of natural land for wildlife (23%); invasive species (22%)

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Wildlife pests in Florida may cause property damage to both residential and commercial properties even in the heart of winter and keeps us active all year long. To help you prepare for potential pest problems in the Sunshine State, we’ve listed the top five most common wildlife pests in Florida below.