Top 3 Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Looking Great This Summer

Caring for Your Garden Lawn – Tips & Advice. It may be more enjoyable and relaxing tending your lawn in the fresh air on a warm summer’s day – but if you want it to look great all year round, you’ll also need to give it care and attention in the run up to winter.

10 Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Green this Summer Preparing your lawn for the summer sun and putting in a little extra work to keep it looking lush promises to reward you with grass that will make the neighbours green with envy . Michelle Di Micco 8 January 2019

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Top 3 Tips for a Great Looking Lawn Posted on July 22, 2016 We all want our Houston lawns to look great, but something like a lush, green lawn doesn’t happen overnight. May 7, 2014. Don’t let your lawn become the embarrassment of the neighborhood.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Great With These 3 Tips April 26, 2018 If you’re a property owner, it’s important that you spend just as much energy and resources (if not more) keeping your exterior looking great as you do with your home’s interior.

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Tips For a Better Lawn.. Longer grass is healthier grass – by keeping your grass 7.5-10cm (3-4in). We found this great guide how to sharpen your lawn mower blade.

Summer is a maintenance season for lawns. If spring lawn care is about getting your lawn healthy and green, summer lawn care is about KEEPING it healthy while temperatures soar and rainfall becomes a fleeting memory. It’s also about maintaining a lawn that can withstand all the barbecues, games.

How to Get and Maintain a Healthy Lawn. A beautiful lawn doesn’t require a flood of chemicals. Careful watering, mowing, and fertilization can keep your lawn healthy, along with annual de-thatching and aerating. With the right approach,

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A healthy lawn is denser and better able to resist weeds than a neglected one. Don’t scalp the lawn; remove only about one-third off the top of the grass. Set the height of the mower deck so that the grass is about 2-1/2 to 3 inches tall. If the grass is taller, it helps to shade out weed seeds and prevent them from germinating.