Tips for Bed Bugs in Camps & Bed Bugs at Summer Camp

Ryerson Summer Camp will now be located at the Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre.

Get Ready For Bed Bug Boot Camp! Thankfully, for worried parents in the Midwest including Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, Plunkett’s Pest Control would like to share a few tips to help prevent bed bugs from coming home from summer camp this year.

As school winds down, your summer camp prep is ramping up. As you go through lists and double check that you have everything your kiddos will need to have the best summer, take precautions to make sure they don’t bring home any stowaways. Read below for ideas on how to prevent the two most common camp nuisances: lice and bed bugs.

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You may think you made it through summer camp bed bug free, and hopefully you have, but you are not necessarily out of the woods yet. Remain vigilant! If you do spot any signs of bed bugs in your home or would like to learn more about bed bug and bed bug control, Plunkett’s Pest Control can help.

Provide a clean and protective surface for your summer camper to sleep on with the bed bug 911 hybrid mattress encasement. The cover protects your camper from bed bugs and is available at Everything Summer Camp.

The Summer Camp Season is coming and bed bugs are one issue your child may face at summer camp. We are going to provide you with some useful information and tips on bed bugs so your child can have.

8. Bed Bugs – Summer travel season prime time for bed bug infestations – and bites. If you get home from vacation and find rows of red dots on your skin, you may have shared your bed with this notoriously hard-to-kill pest. While the bites may appear anywhere, they are most common on uncovered areas like your neck, face or arms.

Camp director Paul Denowski says kids at the camp were getting red bites earlier in the summer. They brought in exterminators and spoke with other camps that experienced bed bugs to find the best.

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Our state of the art mattress covers will protect your facility whether it’s a shelter, dormitory, or summer camp from the agony and frustration associated with bed bugs. It’s our top priority to provide you with the most advanced mattress covers possible for your facility.