Ticks Spreading Disease to New Areas

The blacklegged tick, which transmits Lyme disease, was identified for the first time in 76 counties in 24 states, a new study by the Bay Area Lyme Foundation found. lyme disease-carrying ticks spreading to new areas, scientists warn

CDC Issues Warning About New Tick Species That Can Spread Disease To People And Animals. Robert Glatter, MD. After removing the tick, clean the affected area and your hands thoroughly with soap.

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The blacklegged tick, which transmits Lyme disease, was identified for the first time in 76 counties in 24 states, a new study by the Bay Area Lyme Foundation found.

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UConn veterinarian, researcher, and tick-borne disease expert Dr. Sandra Bushmich recently answered questions about ticks and the diseases they carry in this area, especially some lesser known and emerging diseases.

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Lyme Disease-Carrying Ticks Spreading To New Areas, Scientists Warn | NBC Nightly News As per reports, US cases were concentrated in the Northeast and upper Midwest, however now more areas in those regions are considered high-risk. According to the lead author, KierstenKugeler, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the risk of the disease is expanding in all directions.

Lyme Disease Is Growing, Spreading To New Areas: CDC. The geographical spread of the disease is widening, ticks can survive in more environments, like the ones studied in those frigid north.

New York Times, July 24, 2017: by Aneri Pattani. SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. – This town is under siege from tiny invaders. A doctor at Southampton Hospital recently pulled a tick off a woman’s eyeball. After a 10-minute walk outside, a mother reported finding a tick affixed to her 7-year-old daughter’s buttocks.

A new tick borne illness that is similar to Lyme disease, with symptoms including fever and muscle pain, are being reported among people in the U.S. for the first time this year.. The bacteria, called Borrelia miyamotoi is relatively new and is one of five newly identified diseases spread by deer ticks.

Ticks spreading Lyme disease in Michigan. Tick season has started in Michigan.. the blacklegged tick is established in the western Upper and Lower peninsulas and is expanding into new areas.

Public Health Ontario is mapping at-risk areas for Lyme disease in 2019 after a high number in 2017. Researchers are studying data to find out where ticks are and where they are spreading.

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