Protect Your Homes Electrical Wiring From Rodent Damage And Other Pests

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Protect Your Home’s Electrical Wiring From Rodent Damage By David M. Specht on May 1, 2012 in Electrical Safety Tips It’s no secret that rodents are a nuisance if they get into your home or your kitchen and nibble at the boxes of food in your cupboards.

The Types of Damage Rodents and Other Pests Can Do to Your Home.. Gnawing rodents in your attic can chew through electrical insulation and start fires, or they may dislodge fire protection systems and drench the lower levels of your home with water.. Does Homeowner’s Insurance Pay for.

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Amidst the boxes of storage, pests like rats, mice, and even bats enjoy feasting on your stored boxes, clothes, and, most damaging, your home’s electrical wiring. In fact, 24% of rodent infestations occur in the attic .

If you have had a chance to read our latest blog, then you already know how to tell if you have rodent damage. Unfortunately, if you have rodent damage, you will most likely need to have your house rewired. However, you will be glad to know that there are many things you can do to protect your electrical wires from rodents.

RODENT PEST FACTS. Each year, rodents invade more than 21 million American homes. In addition to eating the contents of homeowners’ kitchens, these pests are considered fire hazards for their habit of gnawing on electrical wiring.

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Mice and rats can cause serious structural damage by chewing through insulation, wallboards, wood and electrical wiring."es, such as. It’s much easier to prevent an infestation than to get rid of pests after they’ve found a cozy retreat inside the home.

Consumer Reports shows you how to protect your car from rodents and deter squirrels, mice, and other rodents from chewing through the wires in your vehicle.. and begin chewing on wiring, hoses.

Here are a few tips to prevent rodent damage to the electrical wiring in your home.. Here are a few tips to prevent rodent damage to the electrical wiring in your home. Call Now On 1300 169 263. Instant Quote. Home;. take that as an opportunity to check the wiring for signs of rodent damage.

Video: Rodents eating away at car wiring, costing consumers (BPT) – Once they’re inside, rats and other rodents can do a lot of harm to your home. This includes damage to electrical wiring, metal or plastic pipes and insulation found in walls and attics.